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Training Kits


Training-KitsAs we continue to move the club forward we have introduced a training kit that is available for players to buy. It is not compulsory but would be brilliant as club to have players training in the same uniformed kit. Matching the uniformed training jackets that all players are recieving this year.

Kits come complete with shirt, shorts and socks, badged up and with your initials on the right breast. Fantastic value for money at only £15.

Anyone that is interested in purchasing one of these kits please enquire with your manager or alternatively drop us a message on here and we can sort out payment details.

Community Support


The club would like to that the whole community for the support they have shown after our goal posts were broken beyond repair. Kind words from many of the public, The Bay adding a news article to there website and included in there radio bulletins and also to the Lancaster Guardian for publicising a piece in the paper. This has all helped raise the awareness of the damage that has occured and also to show that acts like this will not be tolerated in the future.

fgh-security-companiesA big thank you must go to FGH Security Ltd, who out of the blue donated a massive £790 to the fund, all managers, committee members and parents cannot thank you enough for your donation and ensuring the kids have somewhere to play there football matches and also there is somewhere for the community to have a kick about.

Once the new nets are up and in place we plan to organise a football match with FGH to thank them all for there support.

Goal Post Vandalism


imageUnfortunately over the weekend our full size goals situated on the Giant Axe were vandalised beyond repair. A group of kids were seen swinging on the goals and as a result snapped the crossbar in half and ripped the top of the posts off. These have had to now be removed from the field as they were a danger to the public walking dogs or playing on the field.

We as a club are deeply upset about this and now have to try and replace these meaning that it will come at a great cost as these goals are not cheap to replace or get reset in the ground.

To help us out we have set up a 'Go Fund Me' page which is going to be used to help replace the goals if anyone can spare a couple of quid it would be greatly appreciated.

Fresh beginnings


LCJFCA new start for the Lancaster youth section with a completely new club,  new name, new committee and full backing and support from Lancaster City FC. These are exciting times for everyone involved in the junior section and Lancaster City FC and all of us are looking forward to this journey together.

There are already a number of fun and exciting events in planning for the club and for the community to enjoy, so the future really is looking good.

We look forward to seeing you at some of our events and at Lancaster City FC games.